My first single-8 movie “Bril/Shades” is finally online

After my post on the screening of my (very) short single-8 movie at Home Movie Day 2017 I completely forgot to post the link here so here it is.

Home Movie Day 2017 Film "Bril" by Frank from Stichting Amateurfilm on Vimeo.

I had an absolute blast shooting this with actors/crew Marten Terpstra and Ailton Da Silva and the wonderful Cynthia Scheppink who gave it their all to literally make every second of film count. We shot this on only a few single-8 cartridges of Retro-X 200ASA (Containing Orwo) and Agfa Color 200 (containing Agfa Aviphot filmstock). This was quite a challenge considering the fact I was trying to squeeze about 34 different shots with multiple takes for some onto only a few meters of film. I learned a LOT while shooting this and can’t wait to share a short making-of video we shot alongside this short movie. This will detail some of the challenges we faced and disasters that occurred during the shoot along with some of the solutions that we were able to come up with. More on that later 🙂
Camera used was an -untested- Fujica ZC1000 that I purchased from somebody in Germany. Lenses were the magnificent stock Fujinon MA-Z 7.5-75mm F1.8, the Fujinon EBC 5.5mm F1.8 wide angle and a Meyer Optik Orestegor 200mm F4 with M42 to C-mount adapter. The flashes in the movie are actually the light spills that occurred during unloading of the film. Somehow these turned out to be in perfect sync with the scene transitions so I kept these takes in the film. I owe a debt of gratitude to all involved in this project including Hans van der Sloot (Dutch Foundation for Amateur Film) for his continuous support, Onno Petersen for the film scan and help with the screening and Frank Bruinsma (Super8 Reversal Lab) for the processing of the film.

And we have liftoff

Last week saw the premiere of my (very)short movie “Bril” shot on Single-8 in glorious analog projection! The Home Movie Day 2017 event coincided with the UNESCO World Heritage day that was held at the Eye Film Institute on the same day this year. I expected only a few people to show up at the event but the place was absolutely packed and we quickly ran out of seats in the small theater set up for the occasion . Seeing and hearing the audience’s reactions was an incredibly rewarding experience and I couldn’t be happier with the feedback I got from people. It was truly heartwarming. I also got to meet some of the other filmmakers and left with tons of new ideas for episodes and future movies.

As we lacked a rear-pressure plate projector projectionist Onno Petersen focused the movie in real time by hand while the two filmstocks with different thicknesses passed the gate which would normally throw off the focus. Meanwhile I myself mixed foley and ambient sounds in real time through a sampling pad app on my phone. This app contained looped sequences and samples from my digital soundtrack. Both approaches worked remarkably well. I was extremely happy that we were able to show the film with (human) synced sound and in near flawless focus despite the lack of all the (normally) necessary equipment. Meanwhile a few people have expressed interest in showing this small movie at other events. But that of course can only work if I can get the film striped properly. I am working on getting that fixed through a magnetic slurry paste solution now available in Italy. More on that soon. A digital version of the film with titles should be available somewhere next week.

Nizo S800 metal fatigue?

A little while ago I received a beautiful Nizo super8 film camera from Rik to use in my video series on Super8 filmcamera repair. When I loaded some batteries to try it out I found that it had two major problems. The first was that the viewfinder didn’t seem to work. The second was that the motorized zoom wasn’t functioning at all despite the fact that every thing seemed to have power. When I opened it up I found two interesting things.
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